HOW TO: Highlight and Contour

Hey guys, I randomly sent out chats gathering requests from some of my readers. This got the highest vote, so here you go.

As I go along, I would be giving the exact names of the products I use to achieve the look. At the end of this post, you will be able to highlight and contour your face. (The lesson planner in me jumps right out lol, teacher Chike). Remember, practise makes perfect and the key word to this routine is BLEND…..

NB: This is how I do mine…… There’s no one way when it comes to makeup. Different strokes for different folks.

Now, to highlight you will need the following:

1) A concealer two shades lighter than your skin shade (L. A girl pro conceal in fawn)

2) Setting powder in the same shade (Ben Nye banana powder)

3) Makeup brushes (angle powder brush, concealer brush, blending brushes)

4) Beauty blender ( Hegai and Esther beauty blender)

5) Bronzing powder or shimmer (l’oreal bare naturale shimmer)

To contour, you will need the following:

1) A concealer two shades darker than your skin shade (BH studio pro perfecting concealer in dark)

2) Setting powder in the same shade (Tara powder palette, darkest shade)

3) Makeup brushes (angle powder brush, concealer brush, blending brushes)

4) Beauty blender (Hegai and Esther beauty blender)

Step one: 

bare face

After cleansing and moisturizing your face, apply a face primer(optional, if you don’t care about that) and then apply foundation all over your face and neck. I usually do my brows and any eye shadow work before using my foundation.

after light foundation application, nothing crazy

Step two:

Apply lighter shade concealer to your T zones (the area above your brows, down the bridge of your nose, upper lip and the middle of your chin), under eye area and underneath the contour (to highlight the contour, hope this makes sense). In the picture below, you would see the areas where I applied a lighter concealer shade. The idea behind highlighting is to brighten the area of the face the sun hits.


cultural dancer painting, lol

 Step three:

Apply the darker shade concealer to the area right under your cheekbone, sides of the nose bridge, jaw line and hairline. See image below to see where I applied the darker concealer shade.

notice were i ended my contour line …….. got it?


notice my nose contour, i made a U shape from the top of my eyelid, down the side of my nose as well as underneath the tip of my nose. i also use my skin shade of concealer to contour this part out of personal preference

Step four:

Once u have applied concealer on your highlight and contour areas, use your fingers, concealer brush or beauty blender to blend until no visible harsh lines are left. 

Step five:

Apply a setting powder. For this purpose, I use the Ben Nye banana powder for setting the highlighted areas and Tara powder palette (the darkest shade) for setting the contoured areas. Leave for about 5 minutes to settle and the using your makeup brush, dust away any excesses.


funny looking process but fantastic end product


the crazy fish face you have to make to find where to contour

 Step six:

Apply bronzer to the top your cheek bone, upper lip line and the tip of your nose to give that glow (I use a lighter shade of bronzer/shimmer for this).

Step seven:

Lightly apply blush beneath the bronzer from the apple of cheek out towards the ear. Finally, use your regular powder on other parts of your face that is not highlighted or contoured. Personally I apply my regular powder all over my face lightly. 

not too far off my normal self

diva head raise, lol


picture taken with natural outdoor lightening


picture taken with natural indoor lightening

And there you have it.

I hope this was insightful. I would love to see pictures after you have tried this out. Feel free to make requests on other tutorials and I would do my very best to teach. Stay fabulous, girlies…… muaaahhhhh

Till your next read, 


NiftyChic 😘